KNUCKLE SUPPER Author Forms Bond With Children of the Night


Horror author Drew Stepek’s crusade to lend support and raise awareness helps further the educations and inspire the creativity of former Child Prostitutes

KNUCKLE SUPPER author Drew Stepek, has reached his first goal to raise awareness and donations for the Children of the Night facility in Los Angeles, CA. Through the KNUCKLE SUPPER fan base support on Facebook, Stepek was able to donate some much needed computer and creative equipment.

“Going to Children of the Night and meeting with Dr. Lois Lee was an eye-opening experience,” says Stepek. “Even though the shelter is filled with positive and hopeful energy, the underlying horrors of the streets ring all too real when standing face-to-face with these incredibly strong children.”

In March of 2010, Stepek approached his publisher about forming an alliance with Children of the Night so that he could be involved in helping the cause. After Dr. Lois Lee of the organization approved the relationship that involved Alphar donating 10% of the hardcover profits and $1 from each digital download to Children of the Night, Stepek was off and running. By giving away Xbox 360s, Amazon Kindles, Amazon gift Certificates and T-Shirts, Drew helped double Children of the Night’s Facebook presence and secured close to $500 in necessary donations.

“As Americans, we must not forget the exclusive American tradition of grassroots organizations and volunteerism that has helped us attack some of our largest social problems,” stated Dr. Lois Lee, Founder and President, Children of the Night. “Today, Drew Stepek demonstrated what can be done by one person to help many American children victimized by prostitution. Drew’s generous donation of computers for our classroom and shelter home will help our children pursue their educations and move into successful adult lives.”

On July 28th, the author brought Children of the Night some helpful tech equipment that included iMacs, Mac Powerbooks, HP laptops, monitors, printers and media centers.

“At one point Dr. Lee asked me if I could get her Adobe Photoshop because the girls were asking for it,” Stepek remembers. “I think that this shows how dedicated she is to furthering the creative and education environment within her facility.”

Stepek continues, “If she wants me to teach them the program, I’d be happy to take the time to do so.”
Getting involved in the cause is just a click away.

About Children of the Night

Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 and dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

The Children of the Night home is open to American child prostitutes (ages 11-17) throughout the United States, and the Children of the Night hotline is ready and able to rescue these children 24 hours a day. Our hotline staff works closely with law enforcement to rescue children from vile, dominating pimps.

Children of the Night’s Website


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