Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek: Leading the Gutter Gore Movement

Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

For more than 15 years, author Drew Stepek has written, produced and directed for the publishing, online and entertainment industries. Drew has worked for Film ThreatSci-Fi UniverseWild Cartoon KingdomThe Tonight Show with Jay LenoLate Night with Conan O’BrienSaturday Night LiveThe ProfilerThe PretenderBuffy the Vampire Slayer and ESPN. In the past ten years, the author ventured into creative directing and ideation roles involving entertainment and technology marketing for Davie Brown Entertainment and Straight Up Technologies. Most recently, Stepek has taken a position as the Head of Branded Entertainment for Machinima. Born in Royal Oak, MI, Drew moved around a bit as a young man and finally found his home base in Hollywood, CA in 1994. Drew attended Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. His first novel Godless (ISBN# 0978602498) was released 666 (June 6th, 2006) and has since captured a strong underground following. An active member of the HWA, Stepek is currently working on the first of the four sequels to Knuckle Supper, Knuckleball.

 Interviews with Drew Stepek

 Famous Monsters Underground Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek“The book is tough going at times, making it a rarity in today’s cleaned-up horror lit market; a beautiful ugly, and genuinely horrific horror novel about the many forms of vampirism.” Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew StepekKnuckle Supper brings horror back to the vampire genre. It tells the story of drug-addicted gangster vampires who tear a man to pieces in the first few pages of the book. It’s a blood-drenched story that reflects the darkness in the human soul.” 

Zombie Popcorn Radio Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

“We sat down (I should say we remained seated) and chat with Drew Stepek, author of Knuckle Supper and about his wonderful book and the great cause he supports by giving 10 percent of the proceeds of his book to the organization, Children of the Night.”

Cult Radio a Go Go Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

“A hard-core, punk-infused, street life laced story that ushers the classic vampire story into a realistic, modern day setting. But don’t let that fool you. This is not the watered-down, diluted Twilight crap that’s being fed to the mass public.”

Avod Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

“When it rains it pours! As a special holiday treat, Count Vardulon and the Divemistress chat with hard-horror author Drew Stepek about his latest novel, Knuckle Supper.”

Hell Street Journal Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

Reinvention, reboot, rehash, re imagine – any number of the family of ‘re’ is evoked whenever a time-honored icon is again trundled out and subjected to print or screen. But in Knuckle Supper’s case…”

Horror World Network Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

“This interview was performed by email roughly one week before the release of Stepek’s new novel Knuckle Supper, a graphic look into an urban squalor inhabited by drug addicted vampires.” 

Flashes in the Dark Interview with Knuckle Supper Author Drew Stepek

“Drew Stepek’s new book, Knuckle Supper, explores an underworld where vampires are drug lords, using destitute teens as prostitutes and drug mules in Los Angeles.”

Blood Bound Books Presents Drew Stepek's Knuckle Supper




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