Knuckle Supper: The Anti-Twilight Vampire Book Los Angeles' Drugs Are run By the UndeadKnuckle Supper by Drew Stepek: The Anti-Twilight Vampire BookLos Angeles’ drugs are run by the undead. When the LA heroin-addicted vampire and gang leader named RJ reluctantly takes in a twelve-year-old prostitute called Bait, humanity is introduced to his otherwise lifeless existence. An unforgiving, vicious and realistic horror story, Knuckle Supper explores chemical dependency, inner-city brutality, religion, molestation, abortion and the very nature of evil itself. 2011′s IPPY gold medal-winning best indie horror novel, hailed by critics as the “anti-Twilight,” Knuckle Supper is the hardcore alternative to the boring romantic garbage that packs bookstore shelves. Don’t be the last person to read the controversial first story in the five book, ultra-violent epic. Stop PG13 Horror Movies and Harlequin Romance Shit Masked as Horror. Now a member of the Blood Bound Books family, the second edition of Knuckle Supper features a new edit and the insanely anticipated first two chapters of the sequel, Knuckleball.


Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek wins the GOLD MEDAL from the Independent Publishers Book Awards, making it officially the best indie horror novel of the year! This is an honor beyond our wildest expectations

Gold: Knuckle Supper, by Drew Stepek (Alphar Publishing)
Silver: One Foot Wrong, by Sofie Laguna (Other Press)
Bronze: Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology, Edited by Michelle McCrary & Joe McKinney (23 House Publishing)

Paul Zimmerman from Geek Magazine Reviews Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek

“Stepek’s blistering, punk infused prose pumps life and heart into street denizens we usually hurriedly walk past and/or around. An audacious street epic with heat and grit so carefully crafted and realized, you’ll want to take a shower.”
Paul Zimmerman / Geek Monthly Magazine; Femme Fatales

Game Soria, Author of Life Sucks Reviews Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek“In some strange alternate reality, Iceberg Slim wrote a splatterpunk riff on Less than Zero and Knuckle Supper was the unholy spawn.”
Gabe Soria / Life Sucks

Mark Altman, Producer of Castle, Reviews Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek“Drew Stepek’s Knuckle Supper hits you like a sucker punch to the gut. It’s smart and downright sick which makes it an utterly engrossing read. Leave it to Stepek to create the anti-Twilight.”
Mark A. Altman / Castle; The Unknowns; Elvis Van Helsing

Paul Cullum from Film Threat, Arthur and LA Weekly Reviews Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek“Drew Stepek is a splatterpunk Mickey Spillane, doling out rough justice to the creeps you’d meet on Hollywood Boulevard, and taking back the night one star at a time.”
Paul Cullum / L.A. Weekly; Film Threat; Arthur

Blood Bound Books Presents Drew Stepek's Knuckle Supper



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